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“Where touch and technology come together.”

Introducing the ProAdjuster SP- Comfortable, Computerized and Comsistent technology for over 20 years.  FDA cleared, and used in over 38 countries, the ProAdjuster SP is the Sauk Vally’s newest treatment n chiropractic care! 

Feel Great, Naturally at New Hope Chiropractic of Rock Falls IL.

Would you like to enjoy better health, naturally, without the use of prescription medications? At New Hope Chiropractic LTD of Rock Falls with Dr. Thomas Finney DC, we are passionate about helping you and your family live your best life through drug-free chiropractic care. Always warm and friendly, Sterling and Rock Falls Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Finney takes the time to listen to his patients’ needs and provide custom-tailored solutions.

A Trusted Provider of Chiropractic Care

If you think that a chiropractic adjustment needs to include cracking and twisting to be effective, you’ll be pleased to know that we provide low-force instrument adjusting with  our state of the art equipment.

What to expect

Your First Visit

We never want there to be any surprises when it comes to your care and coverage. We will have one of our staff members check your insurance coverage to try to determine if you have a deductible left or what your copay is or what your portion is going to be before we do any treatment.


During this visit, Dr. Finney will provide you with findings after a thorough examination, and will show you and explain the procedurea before giving you your chiropractic adjustment.

Scheduling Regular Visits

These regular appointments are quick and less than 15 minutes at the most.  Dr. Finney will do a re-exam depending on your condition  to determine how you’re responding to care. He will sit down with you to do a progress report to measure your improvement.

Benefits of Chiropractic from Dr. Thomas Finney, DC

Chiropractic is the method of natural healing most chosen by those seeking complementary / Alternative health care for acute and chronic conditions.

While you may first visit a chiropractor to relieve pain in the lower back or to treat sciatica, neck pain, whiplash or headache, you will find that a chiropractor views you as a whole person and not the sum of your parts. A chiropractor will work in partnership with you to ensure your optimal health and wellness.

Triggers Your Body’s Ability To Heal

Chiropractic recognize that many factors affect your health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, environment and heredity. Chiropractic focuses on maintaining your health naturally to help your bode resist disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms of disease.

Featured Benefits of Chiropractic

Starts with a thorough evaluation

When you visit Dr. Thomas Finney DC, you will be evaluated using time-honored methods, including consultation, case history, physical examination, laboratory analysis and metrics. In addition, you will receive a careful chiropractic structural examination, with particular attention paid to the spine.

Involves no drugs or surgery.

A broad range of techniques are used to locate, analyze and gently correct vertebral misalignments (subluxations) in the spine. New Hope Chiropractic LTD may use manual adjustment, electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage. But we never use pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery. Our Rock Falls chiropractic is a natural method of healing that stimulates the body’s communication system to work more effectively to initiate, control and coordinate the various functions of the cells, organs and systems of the body.

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